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Tanaji Bhau Jadhav is president of the tiger group Maharashtra. Jalinder Jadhav created this group. Bhau is a social worker from Maharashtra.who leads thousands of youth from all over India. Tanaji Jadhav born in Karmala (Solapur). He started his carrier as a wrestler. 

Tanaji Bhau Jadhav

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He knows all about Tiger’s name and personality of a tiger and not only personality but also social work. He gets satisfaction from the same thing. Yesterday, I saw a post of reading and read that Tanaji Bhau Jadhav’s birthday and 80,000 people came from all over India to celebrate his birthday in Karmala.

I was so stunned that who will be that person whose birthday was celebrated and people gathered for that. I searched for Tanaji Rao. Pailwan Tanaji Jadhav, a young child born in a poor family of Karmala, People tells that his father was working to carry soil with the help of donkey. But he has fond of going to Taleem from his childhood and because of that many friends got connected. His ancestors were also Pailwan and Taleem was in his blood.

He was getting failure in education, 8th fail, 10th fail, 12th fail. It happened many times. But the reason for returning to school is to get new friends. Isn’t it is a good idea to get admission again in school for making friends ? But to maintain friendship of close friends, very few people are talented, one of them is Tanaji Jadhav who gathered as many friends and are still connected.  His elder brother Jalindar Jadhav created such a family group, named “Tiger Group”, motive of this group is to help the friends from smaller to bigger difficult situations.

Tanaji Bhau is looking at the same group’s work today. The group was established in 2008, 4 years in Taluka, many friends have been involved to do something huge. Tanaji said that he was always commuting to Pune while travelling stays in a particular village and connect with friends, and importantly involve their pleasure and grief. Today  if any accident happens on the Pune-Karamala road, Tiger Group reached there first. If There Is Injustice In Wrestling To Someone Then Tanaji 

Tanaji bhau came first to resolve. He employed around 1000 to 1500 children in different companies. Not only in jobs, but many friends became boxers, shooters, wrestlers from this family group. Today the Tiger Group is spreading out of Maharashtra too. Many youths from Karnataka, Rajasthan, UP, MP, Punjab have joined this circle.

Such huge people support behind a man certainly a question arises about politics?

 While speaking with us, “he told clearly many of my friends have become Sarpanch , there are no parties they have not called me and have given me a big post, but I am not interested in politics, wanted to do Social service and collect friends and this is my true property.”

Once Tanaji took entry with helicopter surprisingly in his friend Aniket Ghule’s wedding. If you have a friend, such as dashing, he came in helicopter for marriage and sent 2000 vehicles just for welcome. All these people are not invited on rent, they are beloved friends and presents on one call of Tanaji. It was come to know on Tanaji’s birthday, a big occasion on November 2, large number of people near about 80,000 people gathered in Karmala taluka. People from all over India came to celebrate birthday only. Tanaji Bhau got 135 Swords as a gift. Among that many swords of silver, hundreds of mobile phones price range from 15 thousand to one lakhs  and a SUV car from one of friend,  about gold do not ask. Happy Birthday Posters in all Maharashtra and digital posters in Punjab, Karnataka, Delhi, blood donation camps in many places, free gym for youth at Andheri, free distribution of track suit at Shirdi. It was an unique birthday.

Tanaji Bhau Jadhav has proved, friends are true wealth. By looking at them with the help of a friends, wherever one can progress, good politicians will be also envy.

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Tanaji Bhau Jadhav

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